VibraLITE 12 VL12VRB Vibrating Watch Blue Red w/ Hook & Loop WristBand

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The VibraLITE 12 vibrating watch alarm has a red and blue hook & loop watchband and 12 alarms plus 2 countdown timers for a number of configurable reminders.

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Set audible or tactile reminders when you need to get to appointments or complete tasks for yourself with the VibraLITE 12 vibrating watch.


  • Alarms: audible, vibration or both
  • 12 daily alarm settings for preset variable reminders
  • 12 second alarm duration with auto off
  • Two countdown timers with auto repeat option
  • Countdown in hours, minutes and seconds – up to 23 hours and 59 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Countdown Timer One has 5 seconds duration alarm with auto off
  • Countdown Timer Two has 10 seconds duration alarm with auto off
  • Countdown Timer quick reset feature
  • Records number of repeats on each Countdown Timer (up to 99, then restarts at 0)
  • Reminder(s) before zero optional – one second reminders at 5 and 10 seconds and 10 minutes before zero can be set On or Off
  • Text prompts assist in setting and confirming settings
  • Easy to read digital face
  • 3 time zones
  • Minutes as well as hours can be set for each time zone
  • Alarm responds to the time zone you want to remain on display
  • EL back light makes it easier to see the watch display in the dark
  • Hourly alert option: short reminder (1 second) every hour on the hour
  • 12/24 hour choice
  • Stopwatch
  • Lightweight, smaller and more durable aluminum case
  • Hook and loop watchband
  • Fits wrist sizes 6-1/4” – 7-7/8” (16cm – 20cm)
  • Water resistant 30m
  • Display Time Digits: 6.8mm H X 2.9mm W
  • Approvals: CE, WEEE, CPSIA
Weight 1.75 lbs


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