Silent Call Vibra-Call Receiver W/Battery Charger

Silent Call
$158.95 $147.82

This Vibra-Call lightweight receiver vibrates upon receiving signals from any 318MHz Silent Call transmitter. Range up to 200 feet. Rechargeable 9-volt battery and Battery Charger are included to increase battery life). A fully charged battery provides around 35 hours of continual use. Braille instructions included.


•Simple to operate
•Easily installed
•Improved Range of up to 200 feet
•Battery operated (9 volt nickel metal hydride battery included)
•24 hour operation when used with the Sleep/Alert charger (model # SAChgr) and bed vibrator (model # VIB-PJ)*
•System may be built, adding 318 Mhz transmitters as desired
•Braille instructions included
•5 year limited warranty (receiver)
•1 year limited warranty (battery)

Weight 1 lbs


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