Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Portable Alarm Clock


The Shake N Lite travel alarm clock vibrates with the option of using the crescendo audio alarm or vibrating alarm setting.

  • Travel clock with large, 1/2″ H digital numbers.
  • Alerts with audible crescendo alarm or vibrations.
  • Displays current and alarm times so you can visually verify your alarm setting.
  • Battery operated (batteries not included).
$36.99 $34.40

Shake N Lite Vibrating Travel Portable Alarm Clock


This travel alarm clock has a crescendo audio alarm and a vibrating alarm setting. The alarm stops automatically after one minute, or when the “OFF” button is pressed. A “Light/Snooze” button turns on the LCD display light for viewing the time in dim light. It also snoozes the alarm for four minutes when the alarm goes off.


  • Crescendo alarm and vibration alarm (silent) selection
  • Current time and alarm time display
  • LED backlight
  • Four minute snooze
  • Locking mechanism prevents settings from being changes
  • Time display: 1/2″ H numbers
  • Alarm display: 3/8″ H numbers
  • Display shows current time and scheduled alarm time
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
Weight 1 lbs


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