Krown KA300RX Fire/Carbon Monoxide/Weather Alarm Monitor


The Krown KA300RX Alarm Monitor Receiver has a strobe and audible alarm to notify you of fire, carbon monoxide and weather alert. Use with separate transmitter.

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Krown KA300RX Fire/Carbon Monoxide/Weather Alarm Monitor

Strobe and Audible Alarm
The Krown KA300RX Alarm Monitor Receiver lets you wirelessly connect all your existing alarm devices in your residence together. Cover a broad area (approx. 100 feet) with the ability to display up to three alarm channels (e.g.: fire, carbon monoxide, weather alert). Each channel has a corresponding LED event light: yellow, green and red.

The receiver has a bright 17,000mCd strobe light and 95dB loud audible speaker. The receiver works with both AC and battery backup. The strobe light will not work in battery backup mode. The KA300RX Alarm Monitor is part of the KA300 Alarm Monitor System and is easy to setup and install in a small residence, dormitory, apartment or motel. Multiple KA300RX units may be purchased for multi-story or multi-family homes, dormitories or hotels.


  • AC adapter (included)
  • 9V alkaline battery for backup (included)
  • 3 receiver memories
  • 3 alarm channel LED colors: yellow, green and red
  • Alert by strobe or strobe/audible alarm
  • Time-Condition signal process to prevent “nuisance” alarms
  • 1,024 transmitter code combinations
  • 95dB alarm
  • 177mCd strobe light
  • FCC, CSA approved
  • UL listed
Weight 3 lbs


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