Jodi-Vac Jodi-Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum System

$325.99 $265.00

The same vacuum many professionals use to prolong the useful life of hearing aids. Operates on 13.5 vDC with transformer. Replaceable filtered syringe assembly for simple maintenance. The syringe has a flow indicator showing the suction at work. Also acts as a warning that the syringe is clogged. The Jodi-Pro has all the features of the Jodi consumer model.


Cleans wax from speaker opening
Compact, lightweight and quiet
Proven effective with all hearing aids
Replaceable tips and filtered syringes
Eliminates the need for wax springs & cerumen guards
Plus, the Jodi-Pro also includes:
Pump rated for 2000 hours of use
Built-in cleaner for tips
Includes 2 needle sizes and a replacement syringe


**This is a special order item. Please allow 1 – 2 weeks handling time.**

Weight 3 lbs


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