Global 360 Alarm Clock Champagne

Global Assistive Devices

The Global 360 Alarm Clock Champagne is for people that need help waking up from a deep sleep. Selectable 85dB audible alarm.

$59.95 $55.75

Global 360 is manufactured by Global Assistive Devices for people with special needs for wake up and offers the unique feature of an Auto Repeat Countdown Timer that can be set for up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. This repeat feature is the answer for reminders during sleep for bed-wetting, medications, baby feeding, care-giving, monitoring, etc.


•Auto-repeating countdown timer (can be turned on/off) can be set for any time interval up to 23 hours 59 minutes)
•Selectable 85dB audible alarm (loud, soft, or off)
•Strong pulse vibration (bed shaker included)
•Snooze button allows you to stop the alarm and be alerted again in 9 minutes
•12 or 24 hour clock display
•Battery backup (CR2032 button cell battery included)
•During a power failure, time and preset alarm times and countdown timer will remain set
•Includes universal AC/DC adapters for travel
•Approvals: CE; RoHS

Weight 3.6 lbs


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