Comfort Audio Contego FM HD Communication System Transmitter

Comfort Audio

The Comfort Audio Comfort Contego Transmitter clearly transmits the wearer’s voice to the person wearing the Contego Receiver with their t-coil hearing aid or headset. The Comfort Contego Communication System’s wireless feature is a practical solution for work, school, restaurants and other noisy environments, and for TV/sound systems.

$522.00 $439.99

Comfort Contego is a digital, secure FM HD communication system for hearing aid users with a t-coil or users with hearing loss using a headset. It uses coded radio transmission that makes it virtually impossible to intercept a conversation.

The Comfort Contego transmitter has a built-in microphone that is adjustable for maximum customization of sound. Set the microphone to omnidirectional or directional based on conditions. Volume can be remotely adjusted.

Weight 1 lbs


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