Comfort Audio Contego FM HD Communication System Receiver

Comfort Audio

The Contego Receiver is part of the Comfort Audio Comfort Contego digital FM HD communication system to provide listening assistance for people with hearing loss. The Contego Receiver works with the Contego Transmitter (sold separately) to send crystal clear sound to the person wearing t-coil hearing aids or a headset to hear more clearly. The Contego system is a practical solution for work, school, restaurants and other noisy environments, and for TV/sound systems.

$522.00 $439.99

Comfort Contego is a digital, secure FM HD communication system for hearing aid users with a t-coil or users with hearing loss using a headset. It uses coded radio transmission that makes it virtually impossible to intercept a conversation.

The Comfort Contego receiver is worn by the person with hearing loss who has t-coil hearing aids or is using earphones or a headset. The Contego receiver has a built-in microphone that is adjustable for maximum customization of sound. Set the microphone to omni-directional or directional based on conditions. Volume can be remotely adjusted. It may also be used as a standalone personal listener.

Weight 2.1 lbs


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