Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro with LED Flashing Lights & Bed Shaker

Bellman & Symfon

The new Alarm Clock Pro from Bellman & Symfon wakes you with a high-intensity flashlight, powerful vibrations and sound directly in the pillow perfect when you need to get up on time without waking others.

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Does your alarm clock wake up everyone in the neighborhood except you? Now you can safely turn down the sound on your alarm clock and not have to worry about oversleeping. The new alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon wakes you with a high-intensity flashlight, powerful vibrations and sound directly in the pillow perfect when you need to get up on time without waking others.

120V power source required

This item has a standard US phone jack (RJ-11) connection. Please verify your countries telephone provider supports a standard US phone jack (RJ-11) connection. A phone adapter may be needed.

Extra loud, audible alarm
The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon delivers a signal of more than 100 dB. The alarm increases gradually in volume, so you have plenty of time to turn it off before others might be disturbed.

The alarm clock has a smart alarm signal that sweeps through the frequencies so that, even if you have trouble hearing for instance high frequencies, you will not miss it.

Wake up to vibrations
When you buy an alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon, a powerful bed shaker is included in the package. Just place it under your pillow and it will wake you up with strong vibrations when the alarm goes off. The bed shaker that comes with the Pro and Visit model also emits a sound.

Wake up to flashing lights
When you want to get up in the morning, waking up to flashing lights is a great alternative or addition to a sounding alarm. We have integrated high intensity LED flashes in the Pro and Visit model; the same type you will find in a modern camera or a cell phone. With the difference that the alarm clock is equipped with four flashes instead of just one. This means it’s effective even during the day or if you prefer to sleep with the lights on.

Find your way in the dark
Have you noticed how difficult it can be to find your way back to bed if you need to get up at night? Especially when you have been in a room with all the lights on. Then it is easy to turn on the bedroom lights which may disturb your spouse’s sleep.

Because of this, we have equipped our Pro and Visit models with a special night light. It acts like a beacon and the gentle blue light will guide you back to bed without disturbing a living soul. This means you no longer have to stumble in the dark if you crave a midnight snack.

Smart snooze
When you want to make the most of your beauty sleep, you will really appreciate the smart snooze. It differs from others in that it reduces the snooze interval from 9 to 2 minutes, by 2 minutes at a time.

This will give you plenty of time to wake up, but also enough time for a hearty breakfast without unnecessary stress. Give it a try; both you and your stomach will love it.

Reliable in all conditions
Have you ever overslept and discovered that the alarm clock stopped working due to a power failure? Now you no longer need to worry about that. The clock features a powerful battery backup that will step in whenever the power goes out. The backup battery does not only keep the time, it also keeps the bed shaker and flash lights at full power.


Loud 100+dB ascending alarm that spans multiple frequencies so even if you have high frequency hearing loss you won’t miss the alarm
Alarm timeout 20 minutes
Powerful bed shaker that also emits sound directly under the pillow
Four flashing LED lights
Adjustable backlight
Nightlight function helps guide you in dark rooms
“Smart” snooze automatically reduces in time from 9 to 2 minutes in two minute intervals, so you don’t miss that important meeting
Snooze timeout 20 minutes
RJ-11 jack to connect your telephone for the built-in phone ringer amplifier lets you know when the phone is ringing
External trigger 3.5mm stereo input jack for the Bellman Visit system’s magnetic switch or door mat
Large LCD display with adjustable backlight
Battery backup powers all functions during a power outage, including bed shaker and LED lights (4 AAA rechargeable batteries included)
12/24 time format
Dimensions: 4.7″ W x 4.3″ H x 3.6″ D
Weight: 13.7 oz; 390g including batteries

In the box:

Pro alarm clock
Bed shaker with sound
Power adapter
User manual
4 x NiMH AAA batteries

Weight 1.5 lbs


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