Ai Squared ZoomText Computer Screen Magnifier and Reader on USB

Ai Squared

The Ai Squared ZoomText Computer Screen Magnifier and Reader on USB flash drive can be conveniently carried with them to use at any time.

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ZoomText Anywhere, Anytime

Computers have become ever-present in our lives, and so has our need to access and use computers everywhere we go at home, at school, at work, even in libraries and other public facilities. To make ZoomText readily available to individuals that need it, Ai Squared has introduced ZoomText USB ZoomText on a USB flash drive that users can conveniently carry with them and use at any time.

With ZoomText USB, you can install and run ZoomText whenever and wherever you need to (with administrative privileges), without having to purchase additional licensing or activate each installation of the software. This makes ZoomText both convenient and inexpensive for both individuals and organizations, and faster to deploy in network environments. Once ZoomText has been installed on a system, ZoomText will automatically start up each time you plug in the USB drive activated and ready to use.

ZoomText USB provides these important key benefits:

  • Access on any computer: With ZoomText USB you can plug in and run ZoomText on any system without having to purchase additional licensing.
  • Portable and always within reach: The ZoomText USB drive fits in your pocket or around your neck (on the included lanyard), so its always with you when you need it.
  • Easy to use: Just plug in the ZoomText USB drive and ZoomText automatically starts up. If ZoomText is not installed, the friendly setup program is launched and youll be up and running in minutes.
  • Plug-and-Play license management: Since the serial number is tied to the ZoomText USB drive, there are no serial numbers or license activations to worry about.
  • Take your settings with you: Your personalized ZoomText configuration settings are saved to your USB drive and are automatically loaded each time you plug in and start ZoomText.
  • Single-User and Multi-User Pricing Options: Choose the version best suited for you or your organization.


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