Univox DLS-50 Loop Amplifier with Loop Wire


The Univox personal loop kit includes the loop wire for transforming your hearing aids with t-coils, cochlear implants or earpiece into personal loudspeakers.

$215.00 $200.99

With the Univox Personal Loop system, you can:

Hear clear TV sound that’s sent directly to your ears – no receiver, no headset
Hear people talking (with optional microphone)
Hear a telephone conversation in both ears (with optional telephone adapter)


Simple, “do it yourself” installation – just plug it in
Thin loop pad slips under the chair cushion
Small, thin Univox amplifier is less than 1″ high
Volume control and volume level indicator
Tone controls for increased clarity
U.S. adapter plug and connector cord
Portable (with optional accessories)
Use in auto with Univox Loop Kit Car Adapter (sold separately)

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.90 x 4.62 x 1.98 in


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