Listen Technologies Performance FM 216MHz System

Listen Technologies

The Listen Technologies Performance FM System is a wireless audio assistance system that allows public venues (theaters, schools, auditoriums and meeting rooms) to meet ADA guidelines, yet is easy to install and operate. The Listen 216MHz system is recommended for stadiums/arenas. For places of worship, the 72MHz system is recommended.

$1,548.96 $1,383.99

The Listen Performance FM System Package works in theaters/cinemas, schools/universities, auditoriums and meeting rooms. The Performance Package comes with everything needed to specify, install and operate a wireless audio package. There is a 20% restocking fee for this item.

System includes:

1-Stationary transmitter with dipole antenna
1-rack mount bracket
4-Display receivers with batteries
4-Ear speakers
1-ALD window decal kit

What is an FM system?
FM systems transmit sound via radio waves (frequency modulation) from the speaker’s microphone to the listener’s portable receiver.

Subject to 20% return fee.

Weight 20 lbs


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