IDRT American Sign Language ASL Sign Generator 2

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Sign Generator 2 is a unique software program that produces ASL art images above your text as you type. You also can input text by scanning or copying/pasting text from a screen. It has a translation lexicon of over 25,500 English words/phrases/idioms/numbers/symbols. This amazing software has four handy features, perfect for classroom or communication use:

  • Type and instantly have ASL images appear above your words. If there are more than one sign for a single English word, the software will give you choices. You can save and print your creations.
  • Use the Dictionary to find and print individual sign graphics from the Sign Generator.
  • Customize Flashcards using any of the over 9,000 signs in the database. Choose whether to have signs only, words only, pictures only, signs & words, or signs, words & pictures. You can print and save your creations.
  • Make your own Matching Worksheets, so your students or children can learn to associate English words with signs. Re-scramble the words to create new challenges. You can print and save your creations.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • CD ROM drive
  • At least 500MB disk space


Weight 1 lbs


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