Conversor Pro Plus w/ Personal FM Listening Device and TV Amplifier

Two functions for the price of one! Conversor Pro Plus is a Conversor Pro with a Conversor Pro TV Transmitter and additional power supply.

  • Conversor Pro Listening System: wireless listening receiver and transmitter units that provides enhanced sound level and clarity for hearing loss users of all ages
  • Conversor TV Pro: transmitter plugs into the TV to allow an individual user to hear the TV without turning up the volume level that disturbs other people
$895.00 $832.35

The Conversor Pro Plus is a combo package featuring the Conversor Pro and Conversor TV Transmitter. The Conversor Pro is a compact wireless FM mic/transmitter and receiver that focuses on desired sounds to provide the user with clearer, sharper hearing in virtually any environment and conditions. With unmatched comfort, ease of use and portability, the Conversor Pro is perfect for anyone with hearing difficulty.

Weight 4 lbs


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