Clearsounds Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth System with remote microphone


The Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop is one of the most versatile assistive listening products on the market!

Crystal clear, two-way cell phone conversations
Easy listening to Music/Videos/Audio Books
Includes a detachable microphone, making it easier to hear in meetings and restaurants
Use with t-coil enabled hearing aids (sound is sent directly from the Quattro 4.0 to any hearing aid with a t-coil feature) or use with the included earbuds

$299.95 $279.99

The Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop is elegantly designed and packed with features to help you hear much clearer in different situations while significantly reducing background noise.

Connect the Quattro 4.0 to your cell phone, MP3 player or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth is a technology that uses radio transmissions to send data between devices over short distances (around 30 ft).

The Quattro 4.0 is the ONLY neckloop available with a removable Bluetooth microphone, which offers the ability to hear clearly in social situations like meetings, restaurants or even in your car. Simply remove the mic, place it near the desired sound source and the mic will transmit the sounds back to the Quattro 4.0!

Use the Quattro 4.0 with or without hearing aids. It connects to and maximizes the power of t-coil enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants. This means that the Quattro 4.0 will send sound directly to a t-coil enabled hearing aid, turning it into your own personal receiver! It also connects to hearing aid models with Bluetooth. Don’t have hearing aids? No problem! Simply use the included earbuds or any pair of headphones.


30dB amplification
Detachable Bluetooth microphone with 15 amplification settings and 4 sensitivity options
Includes mic clip with a magnet to attach to clothing without damaging fabrics
Add additional mics to hear multiple sources simultaneously (Sold Separately)
LED touchscreen operation with voice prompts
Call waiting/Caller ID display
Control your music, videos and audiobooks directly from the Quattro 4.0
Voice control for hands-free operation (if your smart phone offers that feature, such as Siri or S-Voice)
Rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 16 hours of use
3.5mm headset jack
Connect up to 8 Bluetooth® devices, 2 of which can be active at the same time
Connect and amplify your TV, computer or tablet with the QLink (Sold Separately – Quattro + QLink Value Pack)
Connect and amplify your home or office phone with the QH2 (Sold Separately – Quattro + QH2 Value Pack)
Walkie-talkie function can communicate with another Quattro 4.0
Bluetooth V4 and supports A2DP/HFP/HSP/AVRC profiles
2.5″ diameter

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 3 in


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